Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wellcome to the dog house

So this isn't your typical Geek fare, but I thought it was interesting nonetheless. Everybody's favourite supermarket, Wellcome (okay, maybe not, I think most people prefer Park 'n Shop, though I've always been a Wellcome fan because it's funner to support the underdog), has been keeping track of our city's spending habits, and apparently there's been a great increase in the purchase of frozen and canned foods since the end of 2008, because we're all too poor to eat fresh food now. The highest selling canned products are soup, meat and seafood. What, no Chef Boyardee's? Also, who eats canned seafood, other than tuna?

Anyway, the supermarket is offering up to 50% discounts on canned goods until April 9, and 25% off red and white wines until the 16th, so that you can drink your impoverished ass off. When you're good and drunk, you can come back on this site and think inappropriate thoughts about the hottie that is Wellcome's Marketing Director, pictured above, or roll around in the new collection of canned goods you've acquired.

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