Monday, April 20, 2009

Geek Spy: Maneki Neko cats slash water cooler

It is inevitable that you will run across random items that might pique your fancy in Hong Kong. More often than not, for me at least, these items are things that I covet yet have absolutely no use for. Such as the above. What on earth would I do with a ceramic water cooler shaped like a bunny or cat? It’s not even one of those Maneki Neko cats (the ones that are suppose to bring luck by beckoning passer-bys), although it does look like one unless maybe both its paws are beckoning? In which case, I guess people can buy it and use it as a dual purpose Maneki Neko/water cooler? But then where would you put the coins? See how I’m spending way more time than I should pondering the uses of something that I actually don’t have a use for? This is something that happens on a regular basis for Fashion Geek. So I figure I should post about them in case others feel the need to purchase this. And hey, maybe I will find like-minded people who will turn my attention to other similar items and one day I would find something that I could purchase and have a use for.

Seen at Island Beverly Mall in Causeway Bay

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1 comment:

  1. hey that is like asking why in the world we need anything hello kitty like! bizarre but we are so drawn to it.