Thursday, April 2, 2009

Who's that nasty gal?

It's all but impossible to find good vintage clothing in Hong Kong, because pre-loved anything is considered kind of disgusting. (Except for designer bags. People don't mind secondhand designer bags. Why is that?) But sometimes there's no denying the "it" factor of a good ditsy print or bold-shouldered bolero. Whether you love the idea of vintage clothing or just love the look, San Francisco-based Nasty Gal has the stuff for you, and they appear to ship to Hong Kong. The online shop is split into two sections, vintage and new (but vintage-inspired). They do some labels but most of it is just stylish finds. Here's just some of the goodies I've been eyeing today... (and props to the delicious styling! Wish they were selling those lace-up sandals...)



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  1. A linkswap would be great!

  2. That layered dress is beautiful! I could wear it so many places.

  3. Ok, adding you to my blogroll!

  4. thank you for the kind words. we love our HK customers!! :D