Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back on Track

The reason for this post is two-fold. The primary reason is because I discovered Frances May, which brought to mind all sorts of goodies that would have been perfect for the earlier post on attractive backs. The secondary reason (which is almost equally important) is pure vanity -- vanity, that is, referring to the insane self-inflicted glee that comes from making good (ahem, bad) puns. Yet to come: bareback, brokeback, backdraft, back for good... yes, I'm using them all here so I don't have to inflict you all with a "Baby Got Back pt. 3".

As usual, of course, I've digressed. I was looking for retro swimsuits for my upcoming beach vacay when I stumbled upon this this Portland, Oregon little shop (that ships to Hong Kong, woohoo!), a "carefully curated boutique blending modern silhouettes with nostalgic charm". Good copywriting always gets me excited about shopping. Below: a trompe l'oeil bralette thingie adds unexpected sex appeal; a blouse silhouette to die for; bringing sexyback (last pun, promise); dual personality: bondage meets sweetheart.

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