Friday, April 17, 2009


If you've been following this blog for any amount of time, you probably know that your Geeks are iPhoners, not Crackberry addicts, but that doesn't mean we can't spare a post or two to the plight of the berry users -- especially when there's a spa involved! The Plateau at the Grand Hyatt will launch at the end of this month a "Crackberry Hand Massage", a $500 30-minute treatment that relieves the stresses of over-texting (stupid BBM and the fact that you have to reply right away).

Anyway, you start off with cypress, geranium and angelica balm massaged into hands and arms, then they ask you to palm a hot stone while they wrap you in hot towels, followed by a Chinese acupressure massage. Can't see anyone purchasing this for themselves, but it's the perfect gift (that doubles as a subtle hint: "put down the damn blackberry if your hand is starting to hurt") for partners that won't put out because they can't put it down.   

Do I sound like I'm speaking from experience? Haha. I'm going to join DBA -- no, not Dating Bankers Anonymous. Dating Blackberry-users Anonymous.

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