Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What the Elle?

Nothing kicks an enterprise into high gear like good old-fashioned competition. There's been a lot of talk about Elle's bid to become media king after they got rid of Nina Garcia, with various TV tie-ins (Stylista, etc) and now they're looking to conquer the blogging world as well, with their new take on the "corporate blog", the Elle Shoe Diary. Check out what the editors behind the pages are trotting on when they're in the office, from Anne Slowey's Louboutin for Rodarte shoes (taken down many, many notches by substituting the crazy/gorgeous spikes for studs) to market director Joann Pailey's Versace ankle boots. 

While the idea is pretty smart (after all, the greatest style stars according to the blogging world are fashion eds like Emmanuelle Alt and Giovanna Battaglia), the shoes somehow lose their lustre when you see them with the leather all wrinkled and worn, against the boring grey backdrop of their office floors. And is there no space on their desks? Why all the floor clutter? We've been spoiled by their fab editorials, but also, even "amateur" street style photographers can do a better job! And come on, you're going to launch a style blog featuring your own editors, and still no Kate Lanphear post? Sorry, Elle Shoe Diary, but you are not the right fit.

Image courtesy of Elle Shoe Diary.

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1 comment:

  1. These are super cute, but I could never pull them off!