Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Pixie

I'm feeling very sing-songy today, so this post title is another homage to music. I watched Zach and Miri Make a Porno this weekend and experienced elation when The Pixies came on halfway through the movie, so the band is going to be experiencing a renaissance on my iPhone once I dig up the mp3s from my old computer. 

Obviously this post isn't about The Pixies, it's just another one of my random pre-segues to get you all excited about some pun or other I'm going to make (or have already). In this case, I'm going to get you all into Pixie Market, the mecca of all things cool and wearable and drool-worthy. What I love about it is that I haven't heard of any of the designers they rep, and yet I love eeeeverything on it, as well as the free international shipping over US$250. What I don't love is the way they tease you with "sold out" items alllll over the site. "Look, ShoeGeek, here's another gorgeous, affordable garment that you will never own because we simply do not stock it anymore, slowpoke! Nyah-heh-heh!"

Let me share my pain with you. There's going to be major image diarrhea soon, so get ready to scrooooolll. Oh, and the accessories! The little hats! The big necklaces! The weird scarf things! I'm going to go way out of my way in order to draw a connection between The Pixies and Pixie Market, in their irreverent attitude towards fashion/music and pointed mockery of religion. Imagine rocking a virgin-mary minidress rockin' to the sacrilegious lyrics of Come on Pilgrim. Although really, who understands Pixies lyrics anyway?

Image dump hitting in 3, 2, 1:



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