Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Coming out of the closet

If you were born in the eighties and are female, then at some point in the nineties -- 1995 to be exact -- you probably watched Clueless (if you were anything like me, you probably saw it 30 times). Alicia Silverstone's Cher gave us so much to look up to: a dedication to daily learning (as opposed to "sporadic" learning), knowledge of classic English literature (that Polonius guy); the original gay best friend (Team Christian!) and the ability to wear plaid so abundantly and stylishly. But the thing that Cher had that we all wanted the most, had to be her electronic closet consultant.

Fast-forward 14 years, and this figment of fashion/film imagination has at long last come to fruition! TouchCloset is one a few iPhone apps (including a Sex and the City-themed one called Carrie's Closet) that allows you to catalog your clothing and archive your outfits. It will no doubt take some time to sort and shoot every item you own, but eventually, it will pay off because you can mix and match stuff to create "outfits" that are saved for those mornings you simply cannot decide what to wear (you can also tag them as "favourites", although normally one remembers one's favourite outfit). There's also a shopping option if you care for it. It's fairly user-friendly and free as well. Now all I need is someone to come and categorize my closet items for me... 

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