Friday, April 24, 2009

Costume Drama

I really wanted to do a post on film-inspired fashion, and the movie I had in mind was not quite The Devil Wears Prada or SATC -- it was Hackers, which I watched in high school numerous times on VHS. It's probably the only Angelina Jolie movie worth watching, in my book (there may be more but I certainly can't remember them) because of its cheesy goodness and stylized vision of the underground world of hacking. It's near impossible to find good screen grabs from the film, but FashionGeek found me this site, on which you can see the actual costumes that Ms Jolie rocked onscreen. The items I loooved back then were the red and white leather jacket she wears in most of the scenes, and the amazing kimono dress she wears for something like 5 seconds on her date with Dade aka Jonny Lee Miller in the final scene before ruining it by jumping in the pool. Eek! Anyway, you can see both items at

I mean, just look at this dress. We've upgraded plenty from the 28.8kbps modems they're raving about in the film, but this is style that transcends time. I covet. And the motorcycle jacket could get pretty good wear when winter comes around (though Hong Kong has finally transitioned into some sort of spring-summer hybrid). 

There's plenty of other juiciness to be found if you have the patience to troll through the oodless of Star Trek, superhero and anime film castoffs, like the outfit Devon Aoki purrs in, from 2 Fast 2 Furious. I don't get exactly what an "online museum" is, but that's okay. The costumes look a bit sad and lonely on their little hangers though. They should really be on my shoulders, they'd look a lot better there.

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