Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jump(suits) for joy!

My first jumpsuit purchase came from those "outlet" shops in Causeway Bay opposite Mitsukoshi -- it was at the height of J.Lo's popularity, in black velour with a white racing stripe down the side, with a hood. The garment kind of scarred me, because I wore it once to work on a casual Friday, thinking that I wouldn't be seeing anyone important, only to find out upon arriving at the office that I had just been promoted (yay!), would be interviewing my own assistant editor (yay!) and that the first candidate would be coming in that afternoon (uh-oh). The girl who came in was six years my senior, and I figured that she would never be able to respect/work for someone who interviewed her in a velour jumpsuit, so by default she was not hired. Oh well.

Anyway, that's a very off-topic introduction to the topic of this blog, which is jumpsuits. I absolutely love love love that they have returned to mainstream fashion vocabulary, especially now that high-street retailers have finally picked up on the trend. (You don't know how many hours I spent on eBay last year intimately perusing the listings for the perfect playsuit, and how many not-that-great pieces I purchased online just for lack of choice. Okay, it was three.) You know they've officially "arrived" because "jumpsuit" is now a category on most online retail sites now. 

There's something so convenient about the garment (although they do make it VERY inconvenient to use the bathroom...) and so effortlessly chic. With easy, breezy springtime coming, I wonder how Hong Kong's fashionistas will embrace the trend? (Speaking of embracing trends, why did we choose this year, the year of the non-existent winter, to fall in love with Uggs?)

If you decide the trend is for you, here are some divine picks. And just my personal styling tips: 
- If you go short, wear heels, or it will look like you went out in your jammies.
- Boys do not understand jumpsuits -- file jumpsuits together with the "leggings or pants under dresses" and "ballet flats" trends, which they also do not get.
- Accessories should be piled on. The simplicity of a one-piece requires the pizzazz of a whole lotta other stuff.
- Solids trump prints if you want to look current. 
- And whatever you do, don't wear a velour jumpsuit. Ditto terry cloth. Ditto denim, unless you're going for the Charlie's Angels look.

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  1. I love the ease of jumpsuits but haven't invested in one...yet! I like the fact that you can just accessorize it and go. I really like that boob tube effort you've picked out. V.summery.

  2. Well Helen you should "jump" on the bandwagon soon! (Just make sure not to drink too much water =P)