Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Locks of Love

Oh baby, you've found the key to my heart. And that key is a lock. Looord, how I'm sweatin' Little Rooms lock-ets. I'll take the whole collection, thank you very much! I haven't really seen anyone wearing a double-finger ring (other than maybe gangsters with spikes, but that's not so much something I've seen as something that's going on in my overactive imagination when I visualize motorcycle-riding leather-clad street gangsters. Not that I visualize them very often, or at all before this present moment), but I think they could be cool. I realize that my stream-of-consciousness inside a parenthesis has made the flow of that last sentence all wacky. But you guys don't mind, right?

And speaking of gangsters, although it's a little bit too Columbine-chic for my usual aesthetic sensibilities, the gun ring and gun frame pendant are also catching my fancy. Although it's the scissors ring that you should really be careful with. I'm thinking that you'd be stabbing your own knuckles uncomfortably every time you stretch out your palm. But then again, where's the pleasure without the pain? 

Below: Entry lock double finger ring, gun frame pendant, entry lock belt, stabby scissors ring.

Get them at Little Rooms webstore. I had to sign up as a customer to figure out if they ship to HK (it appears they do), don't I love you guys and make life easy for you? I know, you love me too.

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