Tuesday, April 14, 2009

As GOOP as it gets

I used to love Gwyneth so much. I remember the year she won the Oscar for Shakespeare in love, when she had those crazy stick-straight gorgeous hair extensions and wore a twinset and ball skirt to the Globes, and then every single shop in America started selling satin ball skirts even though the average human being had absolutely nowhere to go in them. Even now, although she’s become a bit of a stuck-up so-over-the-celebrity-thing celebrity, you can’t deny the woman’s got style. So when Gwynnie decides to get rid of her cast-offs on eBay, you click.

There’s some exciting finds, but mostly, not really. Am I the only one wondering why Mrs Macrobiotic owns Balenciaga trousers with a 32-inch waist? Or a size Large Nanette Lepore cardigan? Or like, 30 different engagement rings? No wonder she’s getting rid of this stuff. Couple things I do like though: the Prada trembled blossoms top and the Roger Vivier monochrome platforms (neither in my size or price range). Try your luck at the eBay GOOP store benefiting the Robin Hood Foundation.

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1 comment:

  1. Ok, that's really weird that Gwyn has an eBay store. And size L something? Probably her husband's.