Thursday, April 9, 2009

American Pie

I miss pies. Hong Kong is good for a whole host of stuff -- cheap clothing, bargain electronics, eclectic street food -- but pies is not one of them. There's been a recent revolution in cupcakes (that's a whole other post) but pies are kind of like the hardworking but overlooked employee that every company has.  (Hey, boss!) Pretty but unsubstantial cupcakes get all the fame and glory, cakes are generic and kind of saunter through life being generally well-liked. Then there's pies: full of all this tasty goodness, and everybody knows how great they are, but let's face it, pies are not pretty desserts, and so they naturally get somewhat ignored/taken advantage of. 

Am I going on a whole different tangent now? Anyway, I've been missing pies. Pumpkin, banana cream, toffee banoffee, apple, cherry... going to Anna Miller's in Hawaii was like heaven for me. So far, the only place I've found in Hong Kong that does a decent selection of pies is Jed's Just Ribs on Possession Street in Sheung Wan, the takeout ribs place that shares a hub with Capone's (NY and Chicago deep dish pizza, takeout only also). Besides the apple pie, they do cherry, pecan, key lime and sweet potato -- but still no banana cream. In desperation, your Geek decided to go bananas and make her very own banana cream pie, pictured here. Anyone manage to find a nice pie place, let us know!

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