Friday, August 14, 2009


It must be a week of randomness. Hot on the heels of the artificial beach that Times Square has erected, I now hear that Omega, of all brands, have launched a cologne. And apparently, the PRs had already envisioned my puzzlement as the header for the press release is “Omega and fragrance: anything in common?” They drone on about how both the watch and the fragrance conveys the personality of the wearer, is in direct contact with his skin, etc but my favourite has got to be that both the watch and fragrance has the Aqua Terra name. So what exactly does the cologne smell like, I hear you ask. Well the fragrance belongs to the woody aromatic family and has some citrus and herbs scent. Maybe I’m feeling hungry but the description sounds more like the preparation for a culinary dish than something I would want to smell on a guy.

PS. I apologise for the tiny tiny image but this is the best their PR could come up with

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