Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SHOErotica: tokidoki Leopard High Rainboots

So I know this isn't your typical high-heeled bordeline-fetish SHOErotica post, but in honour of the typhoon signal 8 that may or may not have happened (yes, we do have some minimal editorial planning and scheduling of posts), here are some rain boots to keep you styling even when it's miserable outside and fashion seems oh-so-impossible. Tokidoki was ruined for a while by the whole LeSportsac collab, but I feel it's time for a comeback, it's almost like Murakami on an acid trip. On another note, betcha didn't know that tokidoki is not actually a Japanese brand, a fact that I learned about only moments ago myself. It's a Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand designed by Simone Legno and backed by none other than the founder of Hard Candy, aka every '90s teen's favourite nail polish brand. Fashion and trivia, all in one post, doncha love it?

Anyway, if you're thinking these are much too crazy even if it is raining cats and dogs out there, picture this: casual LBD, stacks and stacks of gold AND silver AND coloured jewellery (oh you know we're talking crazy now, throw in a little neon for bonus style points) and these boots. Are you the coolest gal on the block or what?

GET THEM at tobi
tokidoki Leopard High Rainboots

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