Thursday, August 13, 2009

One for All, All for One

Here we go again with the convertibility thing. I just can't get enough. Today, we bring to you the Jolier ONE, a neat little invention by Finnish designer Sveta Planman. According to the website, this multifunctional piece "can be used as a garment, accessory or even a household textile." Household textile? Erm. Okay. Anyway. For me, the attraction in a convertible garment is the fact that something that takes up just a little bit of closet space can be used in so many ways, it's endlessly fun and technologically marvelous. But for Planman, it's also an environmental crusade -- in other words, if you own one garment that can be used endlessly, you won't need to buy anything else. It's a nice idea, in theory. Except someone may want to inform her that fashion is all about excess, imagination and desire. It's why every girl has 17.5 black dresses in her closet when she only needs one. It's why you'll break the bank to buy a designer bag when you have 13 other perfectly good carryalls. A better take on saving the planet through fashion, to me, is by using recyclable textiles, and from an end-user perspective, making sure your discarded clothes find happy homes, whether it's with a similar-sized friend or the thrift shop or church yard sale.

Of course, that little dissection doesn't make the Jolier ONE anything short of a miracle in engineering. One simple piece of fabric with a suspender belt attached = infinite styling options. How did nobody figure this out earlier? And a better question is, if a cloth with string can create so many looks, then maybe, just maybe, there's a little more life in your closet than you thought. You can probably re-style loads of skirts and dresses as scarves, tops, etc, you simply never thought to consider alternative options. Something to think about. Go behind the cut for more pictures and links.

The full instructions on how to create each of these looks, plus dozens more looks, is here.

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