Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blue Eyes Blue

While the stormy weather and all time temperature highs may not make you think of Autumn, Lancome is doing its best to drive away those summer blahs with their latest Fall look. Blue, red and gold are the colours to embrace according to head make-up artist Aaron De Mey. Although methinks that De Mey simply added the red in because he didn’t think blue and gold lipstick would sell. Check out what the collection encompasses and you’ll see what I mean.

La Palette Liberte (available in two colours, blue and gold and black and gold at HK$450)
Ink Artliner (HK$170)
Rose Liberte (HK$320)
Colour Fever Matte (in three shades of shocking red/pink HK$175)
Colour Fever Gloss (in red and gold HK$175)
Nail Polish (blue and gold HK$130)
A gold-sequined indigo topcoat mascara (HK$220)
Indigo and gold eyeliner (HK$125).

“To enhance the eye with a head-turning finish and reinvent the smoky eye with a graphic edge, start by applying pure gold as a base over the whole eyelid before adding structure with bronze. Then draw a line of metallic indigo at the root of the lashes for a stunning graphic effect” explains De Mey. “Declare yourself Indigo, my new black, by layering the mobile eyelid with gold-flecked blue for a liberating, sensual look, vibrant with energy For even more intense, dazzling eyes, moisten the finger before applying gold-shimmering indigo-blue to the eyelid. A French touche par excellence!”

Available at all Lancome counters starting today.

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