Wednesday, August 19, 2009


All you germaphobes out there are going to have your lives changed. For better or worse, you decide. Considering I, one of the sloppiest gals a person can meet, am now disgusted beyond belief at the keyboard I'm touching as I write this, you should be too. If you feel like opening up that jpeg real big, you'll find a very lovely illustrated guide to the various dirts and dangers to which your keyboard is victim. Snacks and drips are child's play and common knowledge in comparison with that spore of bacteria that looks not unlike a bad-ass virus from House. Mold and fungus are kind of creepy, but that dust mite is going to invade my dreams with his millions of friends.

How to prevent nasty creepy crawlies from multiplying beneath your fingers and taking over your family and household? iSkin has these ProTouch keyboard protector pads that are easy to clean, but more importantly, look pretty darn snazzy. I'm thinking that regardless of the dirt factor, these things are a great way to glam up your laptop without having to stick large stickers all over the surface. What say you?

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