Monday, August 3, 2009

Chuffed about Cuffs, Part Deux

In the opening oeuvre of this two-part cuffs post, we looked at wrist candy that packed a punch, but also a hefty price tag. For those of us who prefer a more disposable aspect to jewellery, here are some other options whose cost won't sucker-punch you below the belt and steal the wallet out of your back pocket.

Starting with the Etsy designer DirtyStory, who makes painted metal cuffs emblazoned with various designs, from stenciled florals to snakeskin prints to some very Matthew Williamson peacock feather designs that could colour up any day.

Jumping on the stud train, here's NYLightMetals. I hope you don't actually want to buy this, because they literally JUST went on holiday for the summer. But you have to love the weight that this looks like it's carrying. It's perfect for layering as well.

This unique find is by Liason. It's not my personal typical style, but props to the lady who can make a simple feathered cuff into a headband, a choker, a shoe spat, an arm band, and endless other incarnations.

A little bit of vintage here, an unabashedly heavy, chunky gold bracelet that just might "make one arm longer". Courtesy of Bitching & Junkfood.

And just to finish off, a couple of specimens from resident favourite, Nasty Gal. Love the cheek of the zipper bracelet, how very droll. And love the Chun Li aspect of the spiked cuff. I dare you to attack me. Haiiii-yaH!

For more cuff-tastic options at classier prices, check out Chuffed about Cuffs, Part Une.

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