Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chuffed about Cuffs

Man, has it been hot. Gladly, the oppressive pre-typhoon oven-like heat has dispersed and given way to the regular summer kind, but it's still tough to leave the house in anything with sleeves these days. I'd live in wife beaters if I could, they're my ultimate summer staple: with jeans, high-waisted skirts, cut-offs, under strapless dresses... they seriously go with everything. What I'd give for a Hanes store out here. The key to getting away with them for dressier occasions, in my humble opinion, is to glam things up with some truly eye-catching jewellery. While "statement necklaces" are all the rage right now, I've always been a fan of the gaudy, look-at-me cuff. Plus, I'm really starting to hate the overuse of that term these days; "statement necklace" really doesn't make any statement anymore.

You're showing such a great expanse of arm, it seems a waste to only decorate your neck, and a double whammy necklace-bracelet combo almost inevitably ends up in the arm bling losing out (it's a question of proximity to eyeline, you understand). And ladies, there are some truly amazing cuffs out in the market right now. It took me 15 minutes of dedicated surfing to come up with 13 new items on my wishlist, and you, lucky reader, are going to get a chance to share this wondrous journey into cuffiness with me... (and if you're not British, also learn the meaning of "Chuffed", my newest Brit-slang acquisition!)

oaknyc (up top), steel couture x oaknyc, jen kao x forward, disaya x forward, alex & ani x chickdowntown, cc skye x chickdowntown, citrine by the stones x chickdowntown, susan hanover x chickdowntown 

Oh, and before I forget. "Chuffed" = pleased or satisfied. Use it in a sentence today, you'll feel great!

Coming soon, because I didn't feel like inflicting all 14 specimens on you, Chuffed about Cuffs Part Deux... the budget edition.

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