Friday, July 17, 2009

Sanguine About Sang A

What with my irrational and all-consuming love of foreign animal skins (yes animal rights organisations, I am inviting your wrath), you would think I'd have written about Korean bag designer Sang A sooner. When I used to read BagSnob religiously (I still read it, just not every day), I would daydream about my potential boyfriend Max, the electric-blue shoulder bag to end all bags. The Flash clutch (after the cut in shimmery blue) and River tote (in bone) were also high on my desirable list.

It must be three or four years since I first laid eyes on those items, and visiting the Sang A site today, I'm glad to see that the designer has stayed true to her roots and kept all three signature styles, updating them in various skins and colours. She's added a few more killer looks, too. The Mini Olivia clutch in black and white stripes is fun and fancy; and the Pane messenger bag is an interesting hybrid of the luxe and laidback. The prices are pretty astronomical, but if three years ago the designs were just as relevant as they are today, it's a pretty safe bet that these babies will transcend trendiness and live on as investment pieces in your closet.

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1 comment:

  1. You should take a look at Michelle Wray's bags (based in Hong Kong) - they're beautiful and VERY reasonably priced!