Monday, July 13, 2009

Made in HK: Just Me Jewelry

Most designers on Etsy have a pretty clear aesthetic that reflects their own respective personal styles, and they typically stick to just a handful of item categories. Joanna, the designer behind Just Me Jewelry, however, prefers to throw her inspiration to the wind, so the product selection in her Etsy shop is delightfully schizophrenic: handmade floral headbands mingle with antique religious trinkets; plastic day-glow cameo pins flank chunky silver skull chains and pendants etched with prints of '20s chinese babes -- it's a big ol' party up in there. 

Since Joanna doesn't like following trends or specific designers of today, you can guarantee everything is as original as the designer herself. There's something for everyone to love, though it seems like the winged creations are most popular, from feathered headbands to consciously rusted angel wings on chains, and that's no surprise, but if something catches your fancy, grab it quick, as most items are one-of-a-kind and just might have taken flight if you wait too long.

5 Fun Facts

Why Just Me Jewelry?
I am the only creator of the brand, and everything I have created has the essence of my style; what I have visualised and dreamed of. What I made is what I love and I would wear it too. What you see in the shop is very me, so Just Me is the name.

Best-selling piece:
I don't have a specfic best selling piece as most of the items in my shop have only one in stock. When they are gone, they are gone for good. Some specific items, like the birdcages, bird necklaces, the Lolita pink flowers headband and the gerber daisy flower headband are very popular though.

Most-used material:
Mostly brass, but I use almost everything, as long as it fits the purpose of the creation.

Piece that you can't bear to part with:
All the items :)
But it is Mythical Totem in my shop at the moment.

Favourite designer:
I don't have a specific favorite designer. I personally don't like branding. I like 60s-70s vintage clothes and independent designer that I have discovered. I like what I feel and visualised.

Visit Just Me Jewelry here.

Images: © 2005-2009 Just Me Jewelry by Joanna Chung. All right reserved. Copying of intellectual property is strictly prohibited by law. Please do not distribute any copies of the pictures without permission.

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  1. Nice feature! she makes lovely jewelry indeed :-)

  2. Thanks Marie! Are you a designer too? Visited your site, the clothing is adorable! Interested in collaborating on a feature? If so, email me at!

  3. You have to feature her! She is a very talented fashion artist in France! ;)))