Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Industrial Revolution

One of the first stops I always make on Etsy is artlab. Practicality flies out the window with the line of couture-like creations, each one made and designed by the artistic, Parsons-educated hand of one Patricia Ayres. I've mentioned artlab in the past in my post on harnesses, but since that one white harness cannot in any way encapsulate the work of this woman, which transcends category (whereas so many other Etsy-ers are one-trick ponies...), here's another, fuller look at her work.

"Industrial Couture" was a term labelling one piece that I thought fit very well with her aesthetic, which combines random construction in leather and rivets, or cotton stamped with random postal messages, juxtaposed with soft ruffles and flowery motifs that explode three-dimensionally. On the simpler end, that means a simple black piece of leather, wrapped and buttoned to make a ninja-perfect arm band (coincidentally apt for a rocker chick's night out too); but there's also a stretchy white T-shirt dress that puts Complex Geometries' popular designs to shame with its genius reworking of fabric, or a very Victorian ruffled neckpiece, or a crazy little bustle that goes over your skirt, that you may demand to own without knowing what to wear it with, or even how to wear it. Can I explain it any clearer? No? Then let the pictures tell the story.

My favourites, inevitably, are the unique adornments that seem completely off-the-wall unique: the draped jersey and plaid combo, and the beyond gorgeous black wrapped and draped top that doesn't seem to be for sale, but is winsomely paired with a white hoop skirt. And the white dress splashed with blood red, sans the disco silver leggings, would find much use. Ah, what the hell, it's not like I would kick any of the other lovelies out of bed. 

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