Friday, July 3, 2009

Cake Walk

pizza cake hong kong

We posted about a couple of cake meccas a couple of months ago, and now there's another shop to add to the list. Cake-a-licious, if you can ignore the silly name, is a small basement shop on Lyndhurst that serves a small selection of cupcakes which you can enjoy at the smattering of cafe-style tables they have. While you're indulging, you can flip through their lookbooks to discover all manner of strange cake designs, including the few here below the cut...

Except, I'm not sure if these designs scare me or amuse me. The Jockey Club logo is fairly tame and well-executed, as is the Barbie cake (if a little misguided... ) but the swimming pool, frankly, scares me a little. And so does the pack of Marlboro reds that looks like it's melted. Not even going to go into the porcupine. The plus side is that these go for $200/lb upwards, whereas a cake from Complete Deelite might set you back a couple grand... 

Since FashionGeek and I didn't have time to commission and design a full cake, complete with icing sculpture perched atop, we settled for the lemon and red velvet cupcakes, which came in pretty large tin-foil cupcake holders. They were a bit fluffier in texture than regular cupcakes (Complete Deelite is still the gold standard, more moist and dense) which I sometimes prefer, but I'd say make sure to get the cupcakes with thicker icing for a more authentic experience. The cream-cheese icing on the red velvet was a little gooey-melty for my tastes, I prefered scavenging off the top of FashionGeek's lemon cupcake, whose icing was suitably crunchy from the sugar.

barbie cake
swimming pool cake
polar bear cake
porcupine cake
christian dior cake
hong kong jockey club cake
marlboro cigarettes cake

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