Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stub'n Lovin'

It's a little hazardous to come into work all ravenous, only to discover press releases chock full of mouthwatering food, complete with images. This one came in, and caught my attention because we'd been talking about giving Austrian restaurant Mozart Stub'n a try sometime, and with the introduction of these new summer dishes, now we definitely will. Because my stomach acid is literally burning through my stomach lining for lack of anything else to digest, I'll keep this brief and let the photos say the thousand yummy words that are spinning through my delirious brain right now...

Things I'm looking forward to on the menu, in case you didn't want to open the menu image: scallop and dragonfruit salad with black caviar and mint yoghurt, seared salmon fillet with crusted sesame, pickled cucumber and honey mustard dressing, pan-fried giant prawn with snow potato and garlic butter sauce, and HOT DAMN, grilled chicken rolls with prawn mousse and spinach with porcini mushroom sauce. I don't know what prawn mousse is exactly, but I want to slather myself in it right now and then lick it back off my tasty skin like i'm a kitten with OCD (or a weird, prawn-mousse-covered hobo).

Anyway, Mozart Stub’n is at 8 Glenealy, Central. Tel: 852 2522 1763 or email mozart@ninetysevengroup.com.

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1 comment:

  1. The menu sounds like a foodie's dream come true. I'll have to ask you for restaurant recommendations if I ever go to Hong Kong. :-)