Monday, July 6, 2009

Rainbow Connection

When God made the earth, He made seven days in a week and seven colours in the rainbow, so it follows that He must have wanted us to wear a colour a day, knowing how He had created woman with the innate inability to decide what to wear in the morning. And if The Cure can assign a personality to every day of the week, then so too can I. Yep, The Cure AND religion all in one column, what gratuitous references, I know.

pixie market red houndstooth sequin dress hong kong fashion geek
Welcome Monday with rocker red from Nasty Gal, recalling a little bit of Spring YSL (sequins!) and a little bit of Fall McQueen (houndstooth!) and a whole lot of attitude.

steveJ yoniP orange dress hong kong fashion geek
Orange: not the easiest colour to pull off, but if you've got the chops to do it, then pull out all the stops with this SteveJ &YoniP dress, clearly inspired by the grand curtains of a stage setting. So put on a show.

Herve Leger daffodil yellow dress bandage hong kong fashion geek
The reason I'm loving this Herve Leger daffodil dress is that it's the antithesis in colour of what you've come to expect from the line, which does mostly shocking tints or stark, monochrome geometric patterns. The buttery softness of the yellow is simply to die for.

Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti green dress hong kong fashion geek
Green, I normally love because it's such a refreshing colour. A bright green can turn your day around easily. Mint, too, is a much coveted colour in my closet. But this Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti dress is a sophisticated take on a more sedate version of the hue.

Walter ruffled strapless dress hong kong fashion geek
Blue is such an easy colour to wear; that's why whoever invented jeans decided to make them blue. But if you want to more accurately recall the bubbly babbling brook, this Walter ruffled strapless dress looks as alluring as a waterfall on a hot summer day.

Frank Tell silk georgette dress
Indigo and blue, I never quite got the difference between the two. But if indigo is the more sombre cousin of blue, then this Frank Tell silk georgette dress is the perfect companion.

And just for something on the fun side, a T Bags ruffled tiered dress brings fun to the end of the week.


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