Monday, July 6, 2009

Meet Cute

hong kong fashion geek labbit plushie moustache rabbit
hong kong fashion geek labbit rabbit pride moustache
It's Monday morning over here and after a sporadically rainy weekend, it's time to take ourselves a little less seriously and go gaga for silly toys and accessories. If you can't bring yourself to dive right into Monday madness, then dive instead into Magic Pony, a wonderland filled with weird creatures in various incarnations, from figurine to decal to plushie to notecards to cufflinks. I'm finding myself bizarrely attached to these little "Labbits" who sport moustaches strangely similar to the Digby & Iona Inspector Clouseau necklace I posted about a while back, and which also happens to be sold on the site.

What else you'll find? Tokidoki iPhone casing, alphabet keychains with a twist, and enough toys to fill your household with meaningless, but strangely comforting armies of plastic. Who wouldn't want to be protected with a cubical set of cows who dub themselves "the Moofia"? Click ahead for more images.

hong kong fashion geek yummy wall decals
hong kong fashion geek make a wish figurine toy
hong kong fashion geek moofia cow figurine mafia
hong kong fashion geek toki doki iphone case
hong kong fashion geek alphabet keychain
hong kong fashion geek rabbit pin brooch lapel

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