Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Designer Discovery: Digby & Iona

How can one jewellery collection can encapsulate so many diverse references and still seem coherent is a mystery to me, but Digby & Iona does it with flair. Among the objects interpreted in D&I's collection, which is designed by a man in Brooklyn named Aaron Ruff who is inspired by his childhood, and an interest in archeology: an octopus, a compass, an Inspector Closeau-inspired moustache, an antique key, and a pair of lethal-looking old-school rifles. I can't imagine what this guy's childhood was like. 

Check out his studio too, at Refinery29. Part workshop, part torture chamber, pure genius, in a creepy way. This jewellery demands to be layered in a most haphazard way, with rusted silver clashing againstspiky gold, and carnivores attacking left and right. There's beauty in cacophony.

Their site doesn't ship to Hong Kong, but a sampling is available at Amelie Boutique. That moustache needs to be in my jewellery box. Or more accurately, strewn randomly about near my jewellery box because I sense that the disgusting rust that's colonizing the rest of my silver would only increase the appeal of the smarmy 'stache. The wolf ring is just ridiculous as well, you could take a man's eye out with that. Which is a good thing, because you might need it if you were ever to get stuck in Ruff's scary studio.

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