Thursday, June 4, 2009

With Nothing But Your T-shirt On

Shontelle’s T-shirt has got to be one of the more catchy songs I’ve heard in recent times. I must admit that I rarely listen to lyrics unless something caught my attention and for this song, it was the mention of Jimmy Choos. Plus the fact that it’s a song about love and missing someone. (I’m a sucker for these songs being a rather romantic sort of gal.)

Anyway, I digress. This post was about my affinity with T-shirts and my discovery of the brand Every Little Counts...
"One of the shirts from Every Little Counts that I'm rather taken with"

Back in the day, I used to order t-shirts online from Threadless or buy comic/ video game collaboration shirts from Uniqlo. From Threadless, an online community of designers that submit designs to be voted on, I got the biggest kick out of their shirts and some of my favourites were the slogan shirts such as “My career plans were much more exciting when I was five” Death: Our nation’s number one killer” and “Procrastinators: leaders of tomorrow.” There are also many other graphic shirts that I love such as:

Unfortunately, with the dawn of a new era, I have been wearing T-shirts on a regular basis less and less but nothing beats that sensation of wearing the softest cotton t-shirt with a simple print on them.

The other day, I was directed to Every Little Counts, a small independently owned LA- based company “dedicated to creating an affordable and unexpected t-shirt line for the die-hard romantic.” Hello Every Little Counts, are you describing me? For some, their shirts might be a bit on the cheesy side but here are a few that I am rather taken with. (And yes, I know one of them is a dress but I think it counts!)

Every Little Counts ships worldwide and more can be seen at

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  1. We're following you on Twitter and couldn't resist leaving you a comment when you mentioned our favourite thing - t-shirts. We've got some of Hong Kong's best creative talent posting and voting for designs on our site, - check us out one of these days and tell us what you think :)

    Yay for independently-produced t-shirts!

  2. Thanks for leaving us a comment. Will definitely check out your site. What's your twitter account? would love to get more information and see if we can do a post on you or do a collaboration

  3. Thanks for the feature! We adore you;)