Wednesday, June 17, 2009

CFDA: The Breakdown

It's not nearly as glam as the Costume Institute Gala but it's all just as fun at the annual CFDA awards. This year, as you may know, Rodarte took home top honours for womenswear, which means that they'll have better funding for their upcoming collections, so expect big things from these already out-of-this-world designers. They dressed Kirsten Dunst in one of the chiffon bondage dresses (but replaced the over-the-knee boots with what looks like sexy Kirkwoods) and it's definitely one of Miss Kiki's better looks.


I'm the last girl in the world to start watching Gossip Girl, and I'm actually kind of a Blair fan, but in this instance I've had two of my opinions turned on their head. Firstly, here's Blake Lively looking steaming hot. Even the super Cali tan doesn't bother me in the least. And secondly, here's a Michael Kors dress I would DIE to own.

Diane Kruger never gets it wrong on the red carpet. I mean seriously, this dress isn't much but her overall consistent chic-ness, this time in a Jason Wu minidress while with the designer, is astounding. And this is miles away from Mr Wu's Obama inauguration dress. And I mean that in a good way.

Rachel Zoe in Louis Vuitton. The woman is nothing to look at, but she has the lovely boho-glam aesthetic I've been missing since Nicole Richie has been spending a lot more time at home and off the red carpet. That's bananas! She really shut it down. I've been watching too much of the Rachel Zoe project. Is the reason Rachel Zoe's clothing is never credited due to the fact that she owns, not borrows?

As often as Kruger gets it right, Sims gets it wrong. But I'm not too offended by this Marilyn print Dolce dress. I liked it on the runway, but it doesn't really translate to real life -- especially not a gala, either. I mean, it's the Oscars of fashion... edge it up! That said, I also love Delinda Deline, so I'll love Molly, faux pas or not. And on a final note, Brian Atwood is creepy.

Angela Chase, aka Claire Danes, is another steady presence. She's very understated but always gets it right. Here she is in Narciso Rodriguez, with the designer.


Anja, Anja, Anja. The perfect body. The perfect Kaufman Franco dress. The perfect come-hither eyes. Oh, to be you for a day.

I know there's a lot of Agyness hate in this world, and I am normally part of the group of disseminators. But other than the hair, the sequinned dress paired with leather jacket nd booties are the epitome of a look I wish I could pull off so effortlessly.

Missy Rayder isn't a name that's on my radar (oh haha, I punned, not on purpose for once) but I really liked that fact that this is one of a very few times I've seen an Alex Wang dress on a fuller-figured body. It's giving my voluptuous self (yeah you don't know what I look like so I can describe myself however I want) hope that the loose, drapey dresses he does, might look good filled out as well.

My latest crush, Dree Hemingway. Everything about this girl is cool, from her first name to her bloodline (Ernest!) to her mile-long legs and street-wise style to her leather-and-silk cutout Wang dress to her date, Alex himself.

Hana Soukupova in Altazurra. Hana is one of the models I don't immediately recognize, but that might change after this crazy-hot dress. Holy liquid metal, Batman! I had never heard of Altazurra either but a quick google tells me he's a New York designer who's only shown for a few seasons. A statement on his latest collection: "I didn't want the clothing to be cold and distant, I wanted it to be emotional, like you could connect to it."I'm connecting, baby. Connecting real good. See ladies, the reason a dress like this is SO desirable is that it's totally sexy, but appears to hide flaws as well. Not an easy feat.


People always refer to Vera for wedding dresses, but her pret-a-porter is damn cool as well. It's not my style, but I've always thought she looks like a cool, no-nonsense chick with a little bit of a romantic side to her, but in a very structured way.

Vivenne Tam. In. The. Panda. Dress!!!!!! FREAKOUT! I love it. Emmanuelle Chiqrui (or however you spell her name) pales in comparison. She used to be the hottest little thing, as Sloan, then she went an did Zohan and completely ruined it. But, back to the panda dress. It's so simple, so Tam, and so snarky at the same time. "Yeah, it's the CFDA awards. Yeah, I'm wearing a panda dress. What's it to you?" It's the updated cheekiness of the Mao shirts, but ever so slightly more sophisticated.

Nothing special going on here fashion-wise. But these are Reed and Delphine Krakoff (he runs/designs for Coach) and I think she is the most adorable little thing. A little French pixie. For some reason, I've met them, and she really is as adorable as she looks, like a little Audrey Tautou.


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