Monday, June 1, 2009

Face Off

So I have this tee with a picture of a weird girl's face on the front. She kind of creeps me out, but I love her, and now I want to get some friends for her to hang out with in my closet. I have this vision of Disney making a film out of the items in my closet, who get up and dance around and have all sorts of adventures and political skirmishes while I'm out at work. Closet Story, if you will, although that sounds more like the name of some sort of indie documentary covering the troubles of teens with super-conservative parents. Anyway, itwould explain why my clothes are always astray, askew, and all over the place every night when I come home (and not, of course, because I spent the morning haphazardly throwing everything all over the place in a bid to decide what to wear.)

The Lanvin face tees are absolutely adorable, and not scary at all, but they're astronomically priced, a little last season, and I still can't forgive myself for mangling my last Lanvin tee with an overzealous snip-snip. Choices, choices. I've also posted this pixie market dress before, but here it is up close for you kids, the faces are awesomely scary, and layered and tumbled all over each other like that, somewhat agoraphobia-inspiring too. And the bag! I can't decide if the bag is cool, or ugly, or something that's really cool in theory that will look pretty ugly on me. 

Images: Pixie Market, Polyvore, Nasty Gal

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1 comment:

  1. hola,
    very well written ^^V
    the dresses with so many faces..yeah CREEPY yet to-die-for lol

    ahem the bag is bizzare and arty farty