Tuesday, June 9, 2009

She Sells Seashells

I’ve always been a fan of structured pieces. There’s something about a beautifully tailored structured look that makes me think of living art. Being the poor Geek I am, (yes, still on an embargo,) Gareth Pugh will not be able to make any money off me anytime soon. However, I am rather taken with this indie label, ALEX&RA.

The designer started selling her line through Etsy and recently launched her online shop. While many of her pieces don’t fit the structured category, I am in love with her seashell skirt. I am normally rather sceptical about ordering clothing online, in particular bottoms but the beauty of ALEX&RA is that all the pieces are made-to-order and done by hand. So girls that don’t fit into standard sizes, i.e. me, would be able to fit into them!

To celebrate her grand opening, ALEX&RA is doing as giveaway contest where one girl will win a skirt for free. Be sure to mention Hong Kong Fashion Geek in your entries. Her contests ends on June 14 and you can enter it here.

ALEX&RA ships worldwide

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