Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hands off

I’ve been contemplating buying a new watch lately. Something not too expensive and fun where I won’t feel that harsh slice of pain to the heart when I bang it up or scratch it, something which unfortunately happened to a watch that I saved up for and now no longer wear. I think I’ve found my candidate; Noon Copenhagen

While they’re not cheap, Noon Copenhagen watches are colourful, stylish and definitely fun. Having taken Tokyo by storm, Noon Copenhagen recently arrived to Hong Kong about two months ago. What’s so special about it? All Noon Copenhagen watches don’t have hands. The watch works by a series of different coloured disks that mimic the hour, minute and second hands. At first glance, they look like hands but upon further examination, you will realise that your watch face looks different depending on when you look at it. This is when visual aids help so take a look at the above image, same watch, difference faces depending on time.

They have a bevy of colours and style so you can opt for the more colourful options (yellow anyone?) or the more classical grays, blacks and whites (boring!). Now my only dilemma is deciding which one to get.

Available at Pacific Place Seibu. These unisex watches are in the price range of HKD$1500
For more information, visit

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  1. Thanks for interested in our watch brand name, Noon Copenhagen, there are 20 retailers and 2 counters (LCX at TST and Yata at Shatin) in Hong Kong now. We are pleased to give you our latest news (New models, Promotion and Campaign), please feel free to contact me at 2815 6418 or