Monday, June 8, 2009

Sushi Samba

If you thought Samantha's sushi adornment in the Sex and the City movie was an interesting twist on food attire, get a load of Katy Perry, making headlines as usual for the wacky outfits she wears to perform/host awards shows. You can understand why she gets these gigs -- the pin-up girl aesthetic she rocked in the early days of her career has evolved into pure costume drama, pieces of music and television history. When it comes to music, I'm not a huge fan (although once you hear I Kissed a Girl, it kind of gets stuck in your head...) but you can understand her appeal. Her commitment to her stage persona is what makes her able to wear such ridiculous confections as a sushi leotard or a merry-go-round skirt, and not seem totally loony (as Lady Ga-ga often does...) . Matching sushi nails? That's at once the most unnecessary and most awesome thing you could ever do to your fingers. And I must be hungry, because those ebi nigiris look awwwfully tasty. 

Images: Eat Me Daily, Slowtimer

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