Thursday, June 11, 2009

Made in HK: Follow the Yellow Goat Road

For someone who loves arts and crafts, I was awfully slow in discovering Etsy. Shoe Geek is the guru of online shopping and she introduced me to Etsy not too long ago. I’m making up for lost time however. There are SO many creative designers on Etsy that half the time, I only wish I had unlimited funds so that I can buy everything up. Through the powers of Etsy and Twitter, I stumbled across Yellowgoat who designs quirky pieces that I love. The remarkable thing about Yellowgoat is that she is a Hong Kong-based designer who does her own designs and metalwork right here in our very own little city.

Each piece of jewellery is completely handmade by her and she ships worldwide. I am in love with her matchbox necklace which can be worn three ways. Yellowgoat describes her style as a sort of mixed bag, “I don't have one very specific style. If you look at my collection as a whole, there are some "clever" design, some floral one, some whimsical one. I am into a lot of different things and take inspirations from everything I see or experience be it a photo, a phrase, a conversation or a cool thing that in my head can be turned into jewellery. I am enjoying this full time now and I don't even want to look back. The best thing about creating your own work is that there are always new things to learn.”

5 Fun Facts

1. Why Yellowgoat?
If you wonder why Yellowgoat, it's simple, because it's my name. ;D
Yellowgoat comes from the 2 Chinese characters in my name, when pronounce, it can sound like it means Yellow (last name) and Goat (first name), so this is how it came from.

2.Best-selling piece
Perfect Match

3. Most-used material
Silver and brass

4. Piece that you can't bear to part with
Cloud 9 headband, but I can always make another one

5. Favourite designer

Visit Yellowgoat here.

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