Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spatzing Out

When I'm on a shoe embargo, it behooves me to find new and exciting ways to punch up existing wardrobe acquisitions. And if in the meantime I can pick up new vocabulary, then all the better. Today's word of the day is SPATS. I kind of knew what they were before, but never why they were worn. Wikipedia tells me that they're a part of traditional marching-band uniforms, and that metal pourers wear them so they don't pour liquid metal onto their feet and become weird hybrid terminators, but I say they are for women on a budget who need some sort of fix to trick their mind into believing new shoes are present, thereby releasing serotonin into the body and stopping me from going bonkers. Or maybe I am bonkers already, who knows.

Anyway, spats. I love 'em. And here's where you can find 'em.

Since they don't fall under the category of mainstream fashion, you won't find spats categories on your regular net-a-porter. Maybe that will change, who knows, they did add Jumpsuits to many sites (poo to those who file them under "pants"). These Khoi spats emulate the Wang fringe boots, but they're better because you can personalise them with your own black boot.

Posso the spat easily has a monopoly on the coolest textures and shapes.

On Etsy: a world of options, varying heavily in quality. There's Ashes & Empire's inventive take.

Joiacouture's feathery friends.

Fabulize's structured, pleated miracles.

Leather Made Nice's vanilla versions.

And let's not forget the man (animal) who's been wearing spats all his life, sans shoes no less... Uncle Scrooge!

Image: Cbarks.dk

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  1. What an awesome feature!!! I feel very privileged to be amongst such a talented group of people. Thanks for adding my Hair-on Cow Spatz.

    Anne ^i^

  2. Yum! What a great collection of them!