Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Choo-Choo-Choose You

If the header hasn't given it away and you haven't read the barrage of fashion press announcing this, guess who's going to be the next big-name collaborator signed on by H&M? And you thought Matthew Williamson was getting you all hot and bothered. For the first time in its high-street history, H&M is partnering with an accessories designer: Jimmy Choo. (The company, not the man himself).

There is actually a distinction between the two, by the way. Jimmy Choo the designer was run out of his own label in a Roland Mouret/Herve Leger (Leroux?) kind of way, and runs a couture shoe line called Jimmy Choo Couture. The brand, Jimmy Choo, is run by designer Tamara Mellon, I believe in conjunction with a former Mr Choo cohort with family relations to the man. Anyway, let's put old scandals in the past and concentrate on new developments -- like those amazing zebra-print heels. And that black strappy sandal. Whooo, I'm sweating! ShoeGeek geek-out alert.

In addition to bags and shoes, Jimmy Choo is going to branch out with a capsule collection of ready-to-wear looks that I'm going to be very curious about, given Tamara Mellon's own personal style is a litte bit one note. Girlfriend is all about the Grecian one-shouldered Halston gowns! They're gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but not necessarily what Choo fans are looking for. The blue dress above is meant to be one of the looks, and while it's a perfect easy silhouette (a la Tamara...), it's not what the ladies are going to be lining up for. Hands off those zebra heels, girls. They're MINE. ALL MINE.

The collection launches November in the US.

Images: Daily Mail

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