Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jil Sander to work with Uniqlo

Before Uniqlo came to Hong Kong, I had been a fan of the brand. I loved that it’s a mixture of H&M and Topshop but for the Asian market. The Shinjuku store near Takashimaya would be a regular stop every time I’m in Tokyo. Then the brand came to Hong Kong and I stopped buying stuff from the brand as everyone and their moms starting shopping there. I still recall that one of the last times I purchased stuff from Uniqlo was when they did a T-shirt collaboration with anime artists and video game artists. Now there’s news that Jil Sander will be joining Uniqlo as a design consultant. She will oversee the men’s and women’s apparel. Additionally, there will be a capsule collection featuring Sander’s signature looks set to launch for the fall 2009 season. Maybe it’s time to head over to Uniqlo again.

Source: The Fashion Spot

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  1. There is a problem with the tense in the Shinjuku sentence

  2. Wow you really ARE our most avid reader

  3. Booted from your own brand, so you head to Uniqlo... I find this sad.