Friday, March 13, 2009

Roka roll

Because I've momentarily satisfied my eternal hunger with Indian curry and press samples from the DvF sale, this post may not carry with it the primal desire that forms the undercurrent of my last food post, but let that not discount the importance of this food find. 

I haven't been to Roka yet, the sister restaurant of the just-keeps-getting-better Zuma, but I may be inclined to now that they're doing business set lunches for $288 (the tasting menu stands firm at $428). The business lunch is a seven-course affair, with the three S's of Japanese dining: sushi, sashimi and soup, as well as tempura, a black-cod skewer (black cod is fast becoming the benchmark course for Japanese fusion dining, like burgers in fast-food joints) and sake-poached pear for dessert. That only comes up to six courses by my count but maybe I missed one while I was stumbling to read to the end of the paragraph in my eagerness to digest the press release (as well as the lunch itself). Whoever it is that can't count (and I'm pretty sure it's me), I'm sold.

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