Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I can't believe it's... Butter by Nadia

For the amount of time that I have been wanting this dress (like, two years, or sometime slightly before Jordin Sparks was crowned American Idol), you would think I would own it by now. But I seem to prefer stalking it endlessly on eBay until the absolutely perfect one appears.

The genius of the Butter by Nadia dress is its convertibility. It's a tube dress! It's a backless halter! It's a tunic! It's a skirt! It's a wrap dress! It's... well, it's a superdress! The main reason I've been procrastinating (after all, I could have by this point gotten two years of wear out of a US$250 dress) is because I simply cannot decide which colour I want. So, I patiently await a desirable specimen to appear on eBay that will catch my fancy and sway me from clicking "Watch this item" to instead clicking the bid button. 

What's annoying is that since I have begun the search for the perfect Butter by Nadia dress, the brand has actually released more and more colours and patterns, thereby making my decision that much more difficult. That, and the fact that most all the listings on eBay are for the satin version -- so much harder to wear (I suspect many are used as bridesmaids dresses for their versatility and price point). Give it to me in black jersey and I promise I will Buy It Now.

Find the dress on eBay here.
Check out the website here (images courtesy of... you know the drill).
Check out extra ways to wrap the dress on youtube here.

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