Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Au Natural

I’m not one to look at the ingredients of cosmetic products. I find all those polywhatevertids and peptoconfusids confusing so I was pleasantly surprised when I received the alert about the new Natural Corner at Sephora. Rather than a long-winded approach (trust me, I’ve received releases that run up to 20+ pages) they had a simple list of products with bullet points. Because of that, they are getting this post. Ah the powers of a well thought-out press release. So what are the products? See a select list blow:

Sephora Green Connection Liberator hair scrub 
  • A hair and scalp scrub that cleanses and brings a shine to your hair 
Retail price: HK$159   

Oliviers & Co. Organic Lip Balm 
  • Contains rich and natural olive oil Immediately soothes dry and damaged lips 
  • The olive oil and Shea butter moisturise, nourish and repair your lips 
Retail price: HK$198/15 ml   

Nvey Eco Organic Cake Eyeline
  • Organic formula, contains Chamomile, Vitamins A, C, E 
  • Not only does Corn Silk add depth of color, ease of application, long wearing ability, it is also soothing to the skin 
  • Excellent for dry and sensitive eyes 
Retail price:HK$218/1.5 G   

SEPHORA store: Hollywood Plaza, Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mongkok, Kowloon 
( MTR Exit E, opposite to Broadway Cinema)
Store Tel. NO: (852) 2771 8061
Business hours: 11:00am - 00:00am

Images: Courtesy of Sephora

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