Thursday, March 26, 2009

The name game

As much as Mizz Bradshaw's fashion choices have been overexposed to the point of absurdity, there's still moments that take my breath away when I'm watching my Sex and the City box set for the 34578th time. (For those who are keeping track, that basically means that eBaying Butter by Nadia dresses and watching SATC are two of the daily activities in my rather humdrum life). At some point I'll do a recap of my favourite fashion moments from the show, but right now I've already digressed substantially from the topic about which I had planned to write, which is nameplate necklaces.

FashionGeek and ShoeGeek went Christmas shopping last year and ended up buying each other nameplate accessories (acrylic bangle and gold pendant respectively) but the recent discovery that Pat Field is hawking the nameplate necklace on her website for US$189 a pop prompted me to seek out other, more economical options, given that us Geeks got ours for HK$400-500 at La Foret mall in Causeway Bay (you can also find them on the top floor of Island Beverly for a little bit cheaper.) If you grew up in Hong Kong, you probably spent some amount of time at the Sugar Street silver shop getting broken-heart necklaces with your 30 best friends as well, despite the fact that the engraver never bothered improving her handwriting skills.

When in need of customized jewellery, go with Etsy, an endless resource of knick-knacks to fulfill every whim and aesthetic. Here's a roll call of my favourites.

BeautyName does the most traditional, Carrie-like necklaces, in a number of fonts.

SilverMePendants does layered discs in different metallics, engraved with multiple names, depending on how many discs you have on the pendant.

Fatally Feminine Designs has this whimsical take on the concept with the Alice-in-Wonderland inspired rabbit nameplate. For Juicy Couture lovers, there's also a whole host of polymer clay jewellery charms etc that are very... well, juicy-ish.

Rona Jewellery (sorry, had to British-ize the name for blog style consistency) does more statement pieces, but are a bit more pricey than the average of US$20-30.

And finally, La Bella Jewels has this square pendant which would be super chic on a nice long chain... (and is perfect if you're in some sort of sisterhood of the travelling pants, or, say, a super new-age, mega-couple type four-way relationship... hey, it happens!)

All this personalized jewellery searching has now gotten me excited about another item of jewellery that hasn't yet had its spot in the limelight... lockets! Always loved them. But that's for another day and another post. So long!

As always, images sourced from the owners' websites.

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