Thursday, March 5, 2009

PR Disaster (part 2)

And so the saga continues. Today in our inbox we receive the response to Chef XXX's allegations from the Managing Director...

Dear All,

Chef XXX has sent malicious emails to suppliers, media and shareholders regarding the restaurant.

Chef XXX was terminated for the following reasons:

-poor management skills

-poor work ethics

-criminal fraud

-unauthorize use of corporate assets

Our food costing was running at over 50% for the months of Nov- to Jan due to his lack of cost control and wastage. After we went in and done inventory audit we found over 50kg on meat missing and few hundred oysters for the month of December. Subsequent to terminating Chef XXX and implementing a stricter inventory system our food cost has been reduce to 33% for the month of February. We did $2mn in feb revenues with overall food and alcohol cost of 663k. In January when Chef XXX was in charge we did 1.5mn in revenue with overall food cost of 668k.

Chef XXX requested that the restaurant sponsor 15k for a banner with the HK softball league. I gave Chef XXX a check and instead of paying for the sponsorship he used the monies to pay off his old debt with the softball league. Hence our sponsorship deal never materialize and this constitute criminal fraud.

Chef XXX catered a launch event for another company without any authorization from the company at a cost of 5k to the company. He might have pocketed the revenues from that event.

I tried my best to do the right thing for Chef XXX but he took the petty road to disparage the restaurant. Feel free to hit me up with any questions or speak to any of the restaurant staff for their side of the story.



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