Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thai Box-ing

For me, nothing hits the spot like Thai food -- so much so that I used to have very Miranda-on-Sex-and-the-City experiences with the Thai takeout place near my old apartment, when he would recite digits in my phone number gleefully to me every time I called (which, okay, was like every other night). Thank God for break-lease agreements.

But I digress. The point of this is to inform you, dear readers, of the new Thai lunch buffet premiering at The Box in ifc, starting next Monday. At $88 a head only, this offer has just made my wallet run off ahead of me to hop in a cab bound for Central. Look for spicy Thai salads, juicy curries, seafood options and of course, Tom Yum Goong. Desserts include sticky rice and fruits and other delectable delights. Time for me to start running after the wallet. I hope it detoured to McDonald's first to pick me up a bag of brand-spanking-new shake-shake fries with spicy Szechuan powder. 

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  1. what kind of restaurant calls itself the box

  2. well think about it, who DOESN'T want to make a visit to the box?