Friday, March 20, 2009

iPhone Show & Tell: Fish Tycoon

You’d be surprised at how addicting this game it. The goal is simple, you have to breed different fishes to discover the 7 magic fishes of Isola. You start out with some fish eggs in your tank and you have to feed them and wait for them to grow big enough for you to sell to make money. At the same time, you want to research the environment (so that rarer fish can thrive), food (so you don’t have to feed as often) and advertising (so you can make more money off your fish). The beauty of the game is that it’s in real time, i.e. if the game is not on, the fish continue to grow and starve so the addiction factor comes in quickly as you don’t want your fish to die. This game has been around for ages (have played it on my Palm Pilot, on the PC, etc) but it’s still addicting for some odd reason. Try Fish Tycoon Lite for a free trial. Trust me, you will be hooked (no pun intended).

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