Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Duck, duck... goose? Nope, more duck again

One of the best Chinese restaurants in town, Celestial Court in the Sheraton Hong Kong, is doing a Peking Duck menage a trois. No, kinky readers, this isn't some peep-show/bestiality extravaganza (and yes, the lameness of that joke is palpable even to me, the one who wrote it). It is a sinful gorgefest, however. For $420, you get the sliced BBQ duck with pancakes, the sauteed diced duck with lettuce wraps, and a more unconventional duck congee to make sure you're getting all the ducky goodness out of your fine fowl. 

Since your resident Shoe Geek is just as big a food geek, believe me when I say that Celestial Court will do a better job than that tourist trap, Yung Kee (Yung Kee should only be visited with friends who "know people" there, otherwise all you will be served is a two-course meal of bad manners and half-assed bird.)

Anyway, the offer is good until the end of April, and you can get further discounts if you have an Amex Platinum or higher (15%), HSBC Premier (15%) or just a regular old HSBC credit card (12%). And by reader request, we're now including addresses and booking information: Celestial Court at the Sheraton Hong Kong, 20 Nathan Road, Kowloon. Tel: 852 2369 1111. 

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