Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Guerlain's fragrance corner

Had a fragrance consultation at Guerlain's "The Exclusives corner" at Harvey Nichols the other day. Was an interesting experience although the consultation did take a while. The fragrance specialist sits you down and goes through about five mood boards to try to identify what type of characteristics you have and then each scent goes along with the mood board. After the consultation, she offers a series of scents arranged in order of what she thinks you will like. The nice thing is that she will try to push you out of your comfort zone yet still find a scent that is close enough to be subtly different. One nice detail was that they spray the perfume onto a feather rather than blotting paper in order to give you a more accurate scent. They also had a jar of coffee beans on hand to help you "clear up your nose" if the series of smelling different scents start to confuse your olfactory senses.

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