Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Linkfest!

Matthew Williamson is the perfect designer to do a high-low collab, because his signature thing is prints, which are easily reproduced at any cost range. In your face, McQueen for tar-jay...

Alien (ahem, Chanel Iman) does hosting duties at the soon-to-be relaunched MTV's House of Style

Watch out, Mizz Iman, the Japs are coming! The latest in cost-cutting: robotized models

LVMH battles Google on search terms that bring up fakey-wakeys... Hongkongers, search for your A-faux's before it's too late!

If your second-runner-up title on Project Runway doesn't earn you the fame you desire, then attacking someone... (with a cat)... should do the trick

ETA: What an impeccable team-up. Nicole Richie as Lady Gaga in the impeccable Blackbook

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