Monday, March 16, 2009

You don't know Jak?

Swooning for Lane Crawford's new website and campaign, shot by Jak & Jil's Tommy Ton. How awesome is it that this fashion-week street-style photographer has now been bumped up to be a major player in the fashion-photography circuit? His blog photos are always killer, and now so is the LC campaign. We loved their last "Innovators" campaign, shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin showcasing the various sides of China Chow, Emma Pei, Terence Koh, Victoria Tang et al, but this campaign is even more on the money, paying homage to the growing cult appeal of fashion  blogging (don't believe me? Why else would 12-year-old styleblogger Tavi get a pair of tights expressly knitted for her by the Rodarte girls?) 

In Hong Kong's culture of trendsetting via celebrity endorsement and name-brand pushing, it's nice to see fashion retail's biggest player setting a new kind of trend. I'm betting that this meshes well with their new budget structure as well, given that Lane Crawford had to cut almost half their staff headcount earlier this year. Word on the street is that their heavy expansion tactics in the past couple of years are hurting them bad in today's frugal state of affairs -- and as big a fan as I am of Jak & Jil, it's unlikely that Mister Ton charges the same rates as Misters van Lamsweerde and Matadin.

Check out the new website as well as Tommy's blog (so nice to see more text to go along with his fabulous images). We're going to start the blog roll on the right as well soon so you can check out our favourite fashion bloggers too.

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  1. Check out the video of this campaign.