Friday, March 13, 2009


Economic downturn be damned. Brands are coming up with more and more extravagant items every day while thumbing their noses at those who can’t afford it. Check out Guerlain’s KISSKISS OR & DIAMANTS. Marketed as the world’s most expensive lipstick, Guerlain is offering this personalised lipstick at Harvey Nichols until the end of April. How expensive can a lipstick be? Well the case is entirely hand-crafted by a French goldsmith and adorned with 200 diamonds set in 115.3 grams of 18k yellow gold. Each case also comes with fifteen shades of pink, beige and red refills that are especially selected by Olivier Echaudemaison, the Creative Director at Guerlain.  This is definitely a product that is not about instant gratification as each order takes two months before it is delivered. And if this isn’t OTT enough for you, the lipstick case can be engraved and you can change the types of precious stones or use white or pink gold instead of yellow. Of course, to make these customisations, the price is upon quotation. So how much is the ‘regular’ KISSKISS OR & DIAMANTS gonna set you back? HKD$540,540

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